Hope is not a management tool!

 Hope is not a management tool!

“The Romanian general managers are the most optimistic business leaders in the world” according to the PwC Global CEO Survey 2016 published in January 2016! A  44% compared with the global average of 35% said that things will get better in 2016!

Immediately I recalled one of my learnings: Hope is not a management tool! Hope is not enough. Let’s take same action too!

Well, how do I find the Romanian business standards after 7 years of economic crisis?

As a business consultant I observe how things are developing in the market and target the businesses where I can bring value, where I can help and make a positive difference! I look for projects where I can put the theory into practice and deliver results!

I am looking back at the last 7 years within the Romanian business arena in order to draw the main conclusions, the good and the bad and to anticipate what opportunities and risks we have in front of us.

The best practice to run a business and keep the shareholder happy is by keeping alive the 3 ups and 1 down long term healthy business principles:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by offering a great experience, trust , getting their loyalty and recommendations
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction by investing in people and rewarding high performance
  • Increase Supplier Satisfaction by promoting long term mutual benefits partnerships
  • Decrease the costs, making the business more efficient and invest for the future developments

However, due to the crisis in the last 7 years I have observed that the business standards and mentality are negatively affected mainly due to the fear of failure, uncertainty in the future and the focus on short term results only . People started to compromise on people, on values, on ethics and principles!

The opposite way of business thinking appeared, short term focused this time 3 downs and 1 up as following:

  • Decrease Price  by hoping to generate demand and increase volumes
  • Decrease Customer Satisfaction  by lowering the quality , not listening anymore, increase automatization to cut costs
  • Decrease Employee Satisfaction by not investing in people anymore, decrease salaries, externalize to move to variable costs
  • Increase technology penetration and on line presence  by hoping to acquire and retain customers with lower costs and amplify the business development by a larger reach in the market. 

The outcomes are clear enough today for any business person and openly discussed in business articles and conferences:

  1. Poor customer experience, service quality and people skills:

Mobile Telephony received the most filed complaints in 2015!

  1. High personal turnover, low commitment and low energy in people:

The number one complaint of the business people in 2015 is that they do not find good people anymore!!!

  1. Low speed & quality of business execution

 I recently did a mystery shopping for several companies’ big, medium and small that sell B2B services and asked for their offers. The result: poor experience as a customer, no sales questions to personalize the business relation …no follow up call after the email offers so far after 7 days !

Sales can go up to at least 20-25%  just by implementing a high performance culture, a professional sales process & method and by investing in people and the quality of the management team & practices!

Business products & services are not selling by themselves!

On line is just a lead generator for business services!

People will still be making the difference in business!

Wake up! 2016 is the year when you have to start to reinvest in your people, your business culture and the quality & speed of your execution! This is the time to start again thinking healthy and balance the short and long term perspectives! This is the time to wake up and put your integrity first! Put people, values and ethics on the first place!

If you don`t, your competitor will and you will lose at least 25—30 % in productivity and at least 50% of your sales leads and marketing communications efforts! If you don`t, you will lose credibility and trust with your customers more and more! If you don`t, your customers and employees will leave you in the end! You cannot full them around anymore!

Let’s hope then that things will get better, but let’s also start putting the healthy business theory in practice, take the right actions and invest in your people, your business culture and the quality & speed of your execution! That way, you will definitely deliver improved and long lasting results!

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Data: 03.02.2016


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Hope is not a management tool!

 Hope is not a management tool! “The Romanian general managers are the most optimistic business leaders in the world” according to the ... CITITI MAI MULT