Digitally-influenced brick-and-mortar sales are five times greater than online purchases

Digital Mobile Engagement Strategies – Strategic Role in boosting sales revenues


Digitally-influenced brick-and-mortar sales are five times greater than online purchases


With more than 120% mobile penetration in Romania and more than 50% smartphone penetration, people now spend more digital media time on their mobile phones than they do on desktop computers. For retailers and banks that have in general large customer bases this could be a wonderful thing. Smartphones offers immediate and intimate communication with customers and that can help marketers achieve impressive, and specific, results.

People are no longer aware and impressed of the plenty of loyalty schemes and cards in the market and stacked in their wallets as they are no longer used or acknowledged as valuable or available! Why?

No human touch behind those and the thinking behind them! No relevant engagement strategies that can drive and trigger the attention , curiosity of the customer , no communication with novelties , no personal touch and empathy for personal needs, no recognition and gratitude shown to loyal repetitive customers!

The solution is simple, clear and obvious in theory but not necessarily in practice!

Couple knowledge about human behaviour, needs and desires with advanced targeting capabilities and you’ll have a powerful, “human” approach to mobile marketing and loyalty programs.

According to research from Deloitte Digital , Digitally-influenced brick-and-mortar sales are five times greater than online purchases and estimated at $2.2 trillion by the end of 2015!


So Mobile Digital Engagement influence will make even a bigger impact in the brick and mortar retail sales going further as the smartphone penetration will reach higher levels in the market!


With retail browsing rapidly shifting to mobile, the choice facing retailers and banks is simple, adapt and enjoy the benefits, or don’t and suffer the consequences. To adapt means that retailers and banks should become marketing organization able and capable to define ,implement and  use sustainable business models based on mobile engagement strategies and  IT & Software platform  technology  tools to drive mobile purchases and to drive people to brick-and-mortar locations, with increased effectiveness.

The beauty of this retail and banks transformed marketing organization is that sophisticated technology data analytics platforms & software facilitates mobile targeting based on location, time of day, behavioural profiles and even intent. Therefore they can engage their customers with relevant, valuable, tangible, personalized messages and offers at the right time or in real time using any type of communication channel and with powerful visual impact. 

Loyalty programs with dynamic and attractive content and powerful loyalty currencies & rewards tend to increase mobile visit frequency and spend! Retailers have long known that loyal consumers are better than new consumers! New research shows that mobile consumers tend to increase their frequency of visits to a retail page by two times, making them even more valuable.

Mobile Digital Engagement Strategies with dynamic personalized Loyalty Programs and offers for retailers and banks that have the power to aggregate retailer’s ecosystem will play a huge strategic role in boosting the purchase frequency and the average basket value.


But no matter how cutting-edge is your approach, you’ll gain the best results if you bear in mind an important advertising best practice: Be human. Think mobile and adapt your message content and reward type to the customer profile, needs, desires and behaviour!


Veridian Systems SRL and Business Logic Systems Ltd team together to offer contextual engagement capabilities for MVNOs in Romania



Veridian Systems, the principal and sole enabler of Mobile Virtual Network services in Romania, have teamed-up with Business Logic Systems (BLS), a global provider of digital customer value, lifecycle and loyalty management solutions and services. 


Announcing the signing of their agreement today, Veridian and BLS plan to support the brands and companies in Romania that are looking to complement and boost their existing core business with a new revenue stream, through virtual mobile communications services powered by the Veridian Platform. The addition of the capabilities that BLS offer on top of Veridian’s commercially operational BSS suite, will enable such Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to proactively and contextually manage the lifecycle of their mobile customers, easing the on-boarding process, automating repeat, up-sell and cross-sell initiatives and motivating retention. 


As industry specialists, with a vast experience in the telecommunications market, the integration of the Veridian and BLS platforms will assist companies with a core background in other industries such as Retail, Banking, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Fuel, Energy or Transport, as they look to launch innovative digital services in Romania based on mobile technologies.



About Veridian Systems



Veridian Systems is a premiere on the Romanian telecommunications market, being the first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) in the country. Our products and services are mainly directed to companies that are looking to attract new customers and/or to carry out loyalty programs for the existing ones by offering them mobile telephony services by means of their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Veridian Systems is the entity intermediating the partnership between brand and network connectivity, helping both the mobile operators and the MVNOs to develop their business, offering the latter the necessary resources, infrastructure, technical platform, and relationship with both mobile operators and the official bodies, so as to facilitate a profitable collaboration for all the parties involved. The Veridian Platform is the result of Computaris experience of more than 20 years in the telecom area, having implemented more than 200 projects at mobile operators and MVNOs across the world.


About Business Logic Systems (BLS)



Our passion at BLS is to transform customer data into actionable insight, enabling automated data-driven Customer Value Management & Loyalty Programmes that help our partners create greater value for both their customers and their shareholders. With a strong software development background and 18 year experience in loading, processing and working with the growing volumes of data from multiple sources, BLS continue to innovate to provide a range of CVM, Loyalty and VAS solutions tailored to address a range of strategic KPIs and help transform any business from a volume to a value-led approach. BLS has a global client footprint with clients in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe, including major Mobile Operator groups, working to provide both technology and outsourced CVM services to enable an effective, insight-led, data-driven approach to delivering incremental value from the customer base. Discover how BLS CVM solutions and services could help you achieve your targets - get in touch today to arrange your demonstration: Email us at:


Data: 24.03.2017


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Digitally-influenced brick-and-mortar sales are five times greater than online purchases

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